Such a thrill. November 2017

Ok, so I've been a little guilty of neglecting my blog thinking that who wants to listen to me waffling on.

This year, the first year of V&B weddings, has been fun. I have been lucky enough to have lovely brides, all who were happy for me to lead the show flower wise.

I work by myself, which is a good job as all my weddings have been small with plenty creating for me but no more for anyone else.

All the weddings have been different themes, in various different styles of venues.

I felt a little brave the day I agreed to go do a wedding in Covent Garden. Again, it wasn't too much work in theĀ  flower arranging department. Delivery would be a different matter. However, I held my breath and off I went, pulled it off, then dared to breathe.

Well, Im glad I did.

The wedding has been featured in The Times newspaper which I was absolutely thrilled to see.

Not only that, but when looking at the photos, I was stunned to see the famous Ronnie Wood formally of The Rolling Stones. I'm still laughing!!

Who would have thought it? Little old Velvet&Broon in the presence of Ronnie Wood.

Do you think Ronnie is writing his blog about how he was in the presence of Velvet&Broon Flowers?.

Of course he is.