My darling Grandmother.

Today I write write a heavy heart. My much adored Grandmother has passed away. Why is it, one feels like the sadness should be less the older the loved one was. What does 93 years of sadness look like?

My ‘Brambee’ as she was known as, is the reason for my love of roses. She & Grandaddy had a beautiful array of roses in their garden when I was growing up. I was always collecting the dropped petals to make into ‘perfume’ which was actually just rose petal soup!! I wanted to tell you about the flowers I created for my Grandmother. Roses, roses & roses. Freesia, honeysuckle, brambles, crocosmia and locally foraged autumnal foliage & berries.

So, she has gone to join my Granddaddy in heaven, where I’m sure there are beautiful rose gardens. I hope so, because for me, that would be heavenly.

I’ll be forever grateful that I had such lovely caring grandparents that will live on in the my daily life and for Brambee in the roses I also now adore.

To quote the song she sang, she will always be my ‘dream walking’. x