Its time!!

Although I went into floristry about 20 years ago, with time off for children and good behaviour… when it comes to running the whole aspect of a flower business, I’ll not lie, I find most of it confusing.

The flowers themselves don’t confuse me as I have picked up various tips and techniques over the years that make doing flowers come naturally to me.

The part of it which is a mystery to me is how to make sure my flowers reach the right clients.

Now that is the tricky bit.

So, I’ve had to ask myself and been asked a few questions.

Who is my client?

Where is she getting married?

What does she like?

With these questions in mind, it has made me come to the realisation, that I already had the answers. I just didn’t know it.

Brides are usually associated with a pastel colour palette for their flowers. For as much as I can admire all those serene colours, I am all about rich, deep and bold . Big blousey blooms, abundant arrangements filled with colourful, timeless flowers. Everything about Velvet& Broon Flowers speaks to you, with its colour, its presence and its fragrance.

I love opulance, and all the old glamour. It was all so romantic. What could be more luxurious than being in the surroundings of an elegant country house steeped in history on your wedding day.

In my eyes, there is nothing lovlier than a beautifully dressed table with an equisite arrangement of flowers in the middle { too big to see passed !!!} gold candlesticks and crystal glasses.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that with my adoration for the above, I can only expect I can transfer my enthusiasm to my clients. From now on, I’m sticking to what I do best and what I love.

Move over pastels, here comes the colour!!!