Equines & blooms

Some may say I’m daft as a brush making a flower garland for my horse, Flick. That may be the case, however, if you are into horses and you are getting married, I can bet your bottom dollar your equine friend will make a guest appearance at your wedding. Its almost set in stone. I mean it will go without saying.

It can be the full works of a beautiful garland for the neck or some flowers along the browband. Flowers woven into the mane and tail, your horse will look stunning and part of the celebrations.

My Flick, with her colouring couldn’t not sport autumn colours with her chestnut coloured coat and her stunning red mane. My Highland pony on the other hand will look very handsome in wintertime with pastel whites & blues, berries and winter foliage.

Can you see a theme here? Yes, youv’e guessed it, I will be dressing a pony for each season because if you are a country girl who loves the outdoors and love horses you will also appreciate the changing seasons and the natural beauty each one brings.

So, with that in mind, watch this space.!!!