Coming up to Christmas

I’m feeling like its the calm before the storm.

Its wreath time!!!

Me being me, I like a theme. Each year my family wait with screwed up faces as I theme our Christmas tree.

Year 1 was ‘Winter wonderland’ {snowy whites, mushrooms, foxes, squirrels, you name it}

Year 2 was ‘ Pink & gold’ { it looked like Barbara Cartland!! }

Year 3 was ‘Dutch masters’ { Dark flowers and baubles } My personal favourite!

This year I’m thinking perhaps Woodland creatures, with a country life style theme. { If only they made tweed ribbon!!} I suppose there is always tartan!! Watch this space.

Sorry, I changed the subject.

My point is, what road do I go down with wreaths as I have 30 to do!!

Fruits and cones with a traditional feel?

Silvery, whites?

All foliage? or over the top?

Mmm, who can tell!

Looks like I am just going to have to let it all unfold as I create. Be a shame to limit oneself. After all, these creations unlike my tree are for other people, who will of course not all share my own taste.

So, its back to sourcing orange slices, cones and cinnamon

Wish me luck!