Coming up to Christmas

I’m feeling like its the calm before the storm.

Its wreath time!!!

Me being me, I like a theme. Each year my family wait with screwed up faces as I theme our Christmas tree.

Year 1 was ‘Winter wonderland’ {snowy whites, mushrooms, foxes, squirrels, you name it}

Year 2 was ‘ Pink & gold’ { it looked like Barbara Cartland!! }

Year 3 was ‘Dutch masters’ { Dark flowers and baubles } My personal favourite!

This year I’m thinking perhaps Woodland creatures, with a country life style theme. { If only they made tweed ribbon!!} I suppose there is always tartan!! Watch this space.

Sorry, I changed the subject.

My point is, what road do I go down with wreaths as I have 30 to do!!

Fruits and cones with a traditional feel?

Silvery, whites?

All foliage? or over the top?

Mmm, who can tell!

Looks like I am just going to have to let it all unfold as I create. Be a shame to limit oneself. After all, these creations unlike my tree are for other people, who will of course not all share my own taste.

So, its back to sourcing orange slices, cones and cinnamon

Wish me luck!

My darling Grandmother.

Today I write write a heavy heart. My much adored Grandmother has passed away. Why is it, one feels like the sadness should be less the older the loved one was. What does 93 years of sadness look like?

My ‘Brambee’ as she was known as, is the reason for my love of roses. She & Grandaddy had a beautiful array of roses in their garden when I was growing up. I was always collecting the dropped petals to make into ‘perfume’ which was actually just rose petal soup!! I wanted to tell you about the flowers I created for my Grandmother. Roses, roses & roses. Freesia, honeysuckle, brambles, crocosmia and locally foraged autumnal foliage & berries.

So, she has gone to join my Granddaddy in heaven, where I’m sure there are beautiful rose gardens. I hope so, because for me, that would be heavenly.

I’ll be forever grateful that I had such lovely caring grandparents that will live on in the my daily life and for Brambee in the roses I also now adore.

To quote the song she sang, she will always be my ‘dream walking’. x

Equines & blooms

Some may say I’m daft as a brush making a flower garland for my horse, Flick. That may be the case, however, if you are into horses and you are getting married, I can bet your bottom dollar your equine friend will make a guest appearance at your wedding. Its almost set in stone. I mean it will go without saying.

It can be the full works of a beautiful garland for the neck or some flowers along the browband. Flowers woven into the mane and tail, your horse will look stunning and part of the celebrations.

My Flick, with her colouring couldn’t not sport autumn colours with her chestnut coloured coat and her stunning red mane. My Highland pony on the other hand will look very handsome in wintertime with pastel whites & blues, berries and winter foliage.

Can you see a theme here? Yes, youv’e guessed it, I will be dressing a pony for each season because if you are a country girl who loves the outdoors and love horses you will also appreciate the changing seasons and the natural beauty each one brings.

So, with that in mind, watch this space.!!!

Its time!!

Although I went into floristry about 20 years ago, with time off for children and good behaviour… when it comes to running the whole aspect of a flower business, I’ll not lie, I find most of it confusing.

The flowers themselves don’t confuse me as I have picked up various tips and techniques over the years that make doing flowers come naturally to me.

The part of it which is a mystery to me is how to make sure my flowers reach the right clients.

Now that is the tricky bit.

So, I’ve had to ask myself and been asked a few questions.

Who is my client?

Where is she getting married?

What does she like?

With these questions in mind, it has made me come to the realisation, that I already had the answers. I just didn’t know it.

Brides are usually associated with a pastel colour palette for their flowers. For as much as I can admire all those serene colours, I am all about rich, deep and bold . Big blousey blooms, abundant arrangements filled with colourful, timeless flowers. Everything about Velvet& Broon Flowers speaks to you, with its colour, its presence and its fragrance.

I love opulance, and all the old glamour. It was all so romantic. What could be more luxurious than being in the surroundings of an elegant country house steeped in history on your wedding day.

In my eyes, there is nothing lovlier than a beautifully dressed table with an equisite arrangement of flowers in the middle { too big to see passed !!!} gold candlesticks and crystal glasses.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that with my adoration for the above, I can only expect I can transfer my enthusiasm to my clients. From now on, I’m sticking to what I do best and what I love.

Move over pastels, here comes the colour!!!

Such a thrill. November 2017

Ok, so I've been a little guilty of neglecting my blog thinking that who wants to listen to me waffling on.

This year, the first year of V&B weddings, has been fun. I have been lucky enough to have lovely brides, all who were happy for me to lead the show flower wise.

I work by myself, which is a good job as all my weddings have been small with plenty creating for me but no more for anyone else.

All the weddings have been different themes, in various different styles of venues.

I felt a little brave the day I agreed to go do a wedding in Covent Garden. Again, it wasn't too much work in the  flower arranging department. Delivery would be a different matter. However, I held my breath and off I went, pulled it off, then dared to breathe.

Well, Im glad I did.

The wedding has been featured in The Times newspaper which I was absolutely thrilled to see.

Not only that, but when looking at the photos, I was stunned to see the famous Ronnie Wood formally of The Rolling Stones. I'm still laughing!!

Who would have thought it? Little old Velvet&Broon in the presence of Ronnie Wood.

Do you think Ronnie is writing his blog about how he was in the presence of Velvet&Broon Flowers?.

Of course he is.



Getting going

I sure hope after 6 months of building this website, procrastinating for hours over colours, typeface, photos etc etc etc, that its worth it and my flowers get to be enjoyed by many. Its now June, I started in January.

I'm confident in my flowers, as for website building?  Mmmm.

This has taken my absolute everything. It will not be perfect, not in my eyes or yours but to me, I've done it and with this in mind, I'm proud.

Blog Blog Bloggedy Blog

I am actually not going hold myself responsible for what ever I write in this blog.

Sometimes I border on the ridiculous, to which my friends would agree.   I would actually like to be able to eat a rose or crowd surf a massive carpet of hydrangea.  So, if I rabbit on, lost in my usual enthusiasm for what I do,  that is just me being me.  The day its not there isn't a day I care for.