AS an art school graduate, my appreciation of the time, passion & skill required to create something beautiful &  desirable is always present.  

Whether it be a simple sketch,  a painting or a indeed a thoughtfully arranged bouquet of flowers the enhancement of ones surroundings is key. 

 entering world of flowers 20 years ago, I’ve worked in different countries acquiring various floristry techniques, styles &  ideas to add to my own.   meeting many unforgettable colouful characters along the way will remain as valuble as the skill set I now own.

About Velvet Broon.

My style is luxurious, elegant and timeless, favouring the romance of days gone passed. My love of bold, rich colours shines through in my work. Using seasonal, fragrant British flowers & foliage allow a more natural feel & blooms from Holland, lovely & loyal all year round.

I hope you enjoy my flowers, as much as I love working with them. 

For me, this will always be my pleasure.

Lastly...... To DAvid, who guided me in the right direction.  

to steve who was there when I arrived. 

Now to me, who will take it from here.